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We provide people with exceptional furniture that makes their living spaces better

WHAT WE DO?Expand Your Space

High quality goods, functionality and style are all top requirements for the space saving furniture we provide. Our products will help you create space in your home that you did not know you had. From multifunctional smart wall beds to convertible coffee tables, we have a wide variety of space expanding solutions. You can find space saving products in many stores, but we carry amazing or unique items that cost a fortune elsewhere, are hard to find and in many cases do not exist from other companies. When you shop around and realize the quality, style and finish of our products, the value we offer is hard to beat. At Makespace Furniture we pride ourselves in delivering performance and keeping our customers ecstatic, not just happy






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Free delivery is offered within Nairobi and its environs

VALUEFunctionality for Value

We hope you think like us and want products that last. With increasing costs per square foot in urban centers, it makes sense to get the right space saver furniture. Spending money on quality multifunctional furniture that works ends up being a saving and a convenience. It will probably also impress your friends as a bonus



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